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Diesel's Brewing Spreadsheet allows you to handle all the tasks of your brewing operation. Robust recipe formulation allows you to configure all the factors used in the equations, providing the brewer with the flexibility to modify the formulas based on his/her own system and experiences. Recipe storage and historical snapshotting are both achieved with the click of a button. Calendar planning shows the fermentation schedule of up to 7 recipes at a time. Inventory management is available not just for ingredients but for your Brewhouse, Brewpub and Packaging operations. Financial tracking and analysis of past purchases, and a separate financial sheet for planning future purchases are fully integrated with ingredient inventory management; with the click of a button you can add a recipe to purchasing, mark it purchased, update the inventory when a purchase is received or subtract a recipe from inventory once it is brewed. Additionally, you can click a button to export a recipe to a file with a specified name for sharing with friends, who can then import the recipe into their main Recipes file.

I initially began building this sheet for two reasons. First I was tired of using a bunch of software packages and spreadsheets to handle all my brewing tasks and wanted to combine it into one file. I almost did it. Instead, this is a package of two files.  One is the main Brewing file and the other is where Recipes are stored.  I did this because it keeps the Brewing file's tab list short enough to have all tabs displayed without scrolling.  Second, I wanted to know what was going on in all the calculations and how certain results were determined. Since I built the sheet, I know it completely. I built this website in the hopes of making it as transparent as possible to others. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions.

This spreadsheet was created in Microsoft Excel 2007, and it is designed for use on a widescreen (16:10) monitor running a 1680 x 1050 resolution; if you are on a different resolution or aspect ratio I recommend playing with the zoom to get the display the way you want it.  Mac Excel 2008 should work fine except for the macros as Mac Excel does not support VBA. Please send all questions, comments and suggestions to OpenOffice and older versions of Excel please consult the FAQ.

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The complete feature set for this spreadsheet includes:


Download Links:

Brewing File Excel 2007 - v1.1 - See Updates

Example Recipes File Excel 2007 - Note that a Recipes file is not required. A new file can be created when exporting a recipe for the first time if the Recipes file is not found.

Mac Excel 2008 should work fine except for the macros as Mac Excel does not support VBA, for older Office versions & OpenOffice please consult the FAQ, or see this thread about OpenOffice Support.

This website User's Guide is available in a Printable PDF Format. Click Here to download Diesel's Brewing Spreadsheet User's Guide PDF.

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