"Your table actually looks a little scary to me." - Jessica

"Awesome spreadsheet, Diesel. I appreciate how much work this has taken having built my own also." - Fred

"My first impression from just looking at the spreadsheet is HOLY $#!T where do I begin on this thing!!!??" - Thomas

"Wow that is some spreadsheet. How much of your life did you spend making that? Thank you" - SiouxerBrewer

"No doubt! That's impressive." - Von KromDom

"That's intense. Great work!" - Eagle106Joe

"I've been playing around with this a bit and I am very impressed with all the details that this covers ... gives promash a run for their money IMO." - ewanzel

"Dude, that's so sweet it gave me computational-wood!" - StormyBrew

"Ha ha, looks like I should stop work on my own, you done everything I have and then some!" - cornixt

"Wow, very impressive, it's like Excel on steroids!!" - Andy

"Holy COW! this is so very thorough it's unbelievable! From an amateur's point of view, i think this is the 'beez neez' of spreadsheets. I'm VERY VERY VERY impressed! thanks!" - Shortz

"Amen to diesel drafts brewing spreadsheet! amazingly done and free! cant beat it!"- David Phinney