The Notepad tab is just an unformatted plain text tab that is useful for taking down various notes.

This tab contains a link to the Brew Day Checklist file. Mine is a word doc, but change this link to point to whatever file you use. Actually, I create links to various documents I'm working with regularly here, such as a party/wedding planning document.


Known Issues & Quirks:

Be sure to enable macros each time you open the file.

Formatting Sums, on the Purchasing and Financial sheets, were the results are based on the numbers being italicized or bolded, do not always update automatically. To force an update you can highlight the cell, hit F2 then hit Enter.

I have blanked out the stock and the prices, except for the prices of Yeast which should be easy to replace with whatever your cost is, and the prices of the hops and grain varieties used in the example recipes so their price calculations will work. Just update the prices as you buy them. I did this so as to not appear to be promoting any store at the expense of others.

You'll notice there are multiple entries for one kind of malt, this is because I'll purchase from different stores and they carry different maltsters. When entering additional malts be sure to give them a unique name, I just put the maltsters name in parentheses for additional entries of one kind of malt. Same with hops, but I buy all my yeast from one store because I plan the shipping time.

On the Financial tab I have an entry for each category type in use in order to document them. I also have a couple items on the Purchasting tab. Take note that both sheets always leave two blank rows at the top. Just delete the data from the sheets once you see how the work to start tracking your own purchases.

The Packaging tab has a bunch of data in it to show how it might be used. Just blank those and use it as you see fit.

For equivalent grain types like Pilsner, Vienna, etc. from different maltsters I sort them by price cheapest at the top. For types of grains with a run in color like Caramel, Munich, Wheat I'll sort them by color. Like Wheat Malt is sorted first by color type then by price, so all the white/pale/light/standard wheats are at the top but sorted by price.

In order to see all the tabs you can drag the scroll bar itself over to the right. This is also the area where you can adjust the zoom if you're on a different display. Note in the screenshot below where to click and & drag.

Features/Enhancements being explored:

Composing a recipe with hops IBUs for the additions with the ounces calculated. This was working until I implemented hops absorption and I created a circular reference. It appears that this formula really is circular and that I cannot use a macro to just rewrite the forumulas like I did to implement the toggle of OG/Plato.

Some sort of "Package Recipe" macro for adding a recipe to the Packaging tab.

Suggesting grain, hops and yeast based on Style dropdowns. Might be a macro popup, choice allowing selection for addition to the worksheet.

Mash Hopping? Does anyone really use this? If so, put in a request and I'll implement a factor for its utilization just like for FWH.

Update "Add to Purchasing" macro to merge duplicate ingredient references in the recipe into one line item on the purchasing sheet.



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