The Purchasing tab is for planning future purchases.

Like the Financial tab it has some categorized sums at the top like Equipement, Hops, Grains, Yeast, Books, Glassware, etc. These are based on the line item categories of course. There are two macro sums on the sheet, the Priority Purchasing sums any totals that are bolded, and the Next Batch Costs sum an totals that are in italics. Sometimes these sums may not be automatically updating since they are macro sums. The way to force calculation is to click on the sum's cell, hit F2 and then hit enter. This will udpate the total. The mcmaster link is there for reference and easily building links the parts for when you want to execute the purchase.

The Selected Items Purchased Move to Finanacial Tab button will call a macro that will take the selected items, move them to the top of the Financial sheet and italicize them. Ingredients that get added to the Purchasing sheet from the Worksheet's macro will be italicized as Next Batch Costs.


Like the Financial sheet, you should leave the top two rows blank. The macro on the Worksheet will add ingredients to the top of the sheet starting at Row 10. In order to insert rows manually, select any cell in Row 10, hit Shift-Space, then hit Ctrl-Shift-+ (control shift plus) and hit the plus key as many times as you need rows.


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