The Financial tab is for tracking expenses and anlayzing them.

At the top of the tab there are various sums displayed. The total spending history is the sum of all totals. Batch Average is calculated based on the # of batches set in the cell in the middle. Similarly Annual Average is based on the years set. The Equipemtn Expenditures, Hops Costs, Grain Costs, Yeast Costs, Other Ingredients, Books and Materials, Glassware & Barware, Artwork & Promotional, Membership & Subscriptions, Chemicals and Shipping totals are summed based on the Category set for each line item. Equipment & Asset Purchase History is the sum of Equipment Expenditures, Books & Materials and Glassware & Barware. The Ingredient Purchase History is the sum of Hops, Grains, Yeast and Other Ingredients. As purchases are added to the Financial they are italicized, and thus marked paid for but not yet received.

Using the Selected Items Received Add to Inventories button will kicck of a macro that will remove the italics from the items, and if they are hops, grains or yeast the inventories on the Hops, Grains or Lab tabs will be updated. You do not need to select the whole row, any column or range will work.

The guts of the Financial sheet is the data entered, you can filter on any of the values. New purchases are add to the top of the sheet. Always keep lines 10 & 11 empty. The macro on the Purchasing sheet will add new purchases starting at row 11. In order to insert new rows manually, click on any cell in row 11, then hit Shift-Space, then hit Ctrl-Shift-+ (control shift plus) to insert a row, and hit the plus button as many times you need rows.


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