The Calendar tab is very useful for planning a brewing schedule. The yellow highlighted date symbolizes today. To change the display of the Calendar, click on the Month or Year dropdowns. Inside of each date's cell are 7 rows for displaying a recipe's timeline. You can see in this screenshot that a Brew Day was on 2/23/2007, and Primary was continuing.


To choose which recipes are shown in the display use the dropdown in each color filled cell. The color will correspond to colored rows in the Calendar display. The Worksheet is not a dropdown and allows the Worksheet's schedule to always be shown in the Calendar. After choosing a recipe from the dropdown the Brew Date & Drink Dates will be shown, along with their Fermentation Schedule.


There is a table below the recipe selections that contains the recipe names and their data. This data drives the dropdowns for the recipe selection. In order to update this data from the Recipe file, just click this button. It will parse through the Recipes file and fill the data table on the Calendar tab. It will create a separate entry for each beer in a parti-gyle session.


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