In September I’m heading to the Siebel Institute for the World Brewing Academy International Diploma in Brewing Technology program.  7 weeks in Chicago, 3 weeks in Munich, 2 weeks touring various breweries in Europe.  Should be a blast!  Chicago looks like a gorgeous city, but I’ve only been to the O’Hare part for layovers.  It seems like they have a ton of park space and jogging routes that are filled with beauty.

We head to Doemens Academy in Munich after the ‘fest cleanup, which is probably a great time to go study since they’ll have work to do but the city will be laid back after partying so hard, especially hotels should be cheap.  I find it risible that I’m doing a European beer tour in late Fall two years in a row after having never been to the continent; am I ever going to see Europe in Summer?

If you have any “must do” tips for either ChiTown or Bavaria, let me know.  I hope to take full advantage of my time in parts of the world that I’ve not had a chance to experience.  Catching the Cubbies at Wrigley Field is at the top of my list.  Soldier Field for a Bears game is a close second.  I’m a giant pizza snob, and NY/NE pizza is the only *real* pizza; but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the pizza casserole known as Chicago-Style.  I hope to become a snob in said style by the end of my time there.

My homebrewpub is in good hands as my assistant brewer, Goose, is going to keep it brewing while I go study.  Many thanks to my friends and family who have encouraged and assisted me to pursue my dreams.