This movie premiere is going to be a live event in theaters around the country on April 16th. Director Anat Baron takes you on a no holds barred exploration of the U.S. beer industry that ultimately reveals the truth behind the label of your favorite beer. Told from an insider’s perspective, the film goes behind the scenes of the daily battles and all out wars that dominate one of America’s favorite industries.

Watch the trailer below and visit the website to find a theater new you that will be showing Beer Wars and purchase tickets.

The two main subjects are Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Rhonda Kallman of New Century Brewing (and also co-founder of Boston Beer).

Interview subjects are:

  • David Rehr President, National Beer Wholesalers Association
  • Jeff Becker President, Beer Institute
  • Maureen Ogle Author, “Ambitious Brew”
  • Todd Alstrom Founder,
  • Michael Jackson Author, Beer Expert
  • Benj Steinman Publisher, Beer Marketer’ Insights
  • Bob Lachky Executive Vice President, Anheuser-Busch
  • Norman Adami CEO, Miller Brewing Company
  • Frits van Paasschen CEO, Coors Brewing Company
  • Dick Yuengling Fifth Generation Owner, Yuengling
  • Charlie Papazian President, Brewers Association
  • Jim Koch Founder, Boston Beer Company
  • Kim Jordan Founder, New Belgium Brewing Company
  • Greg Koch Founder, Stone Brewing Company
  • Dewey Parsons Owner, Downtown Wine & Spirits
  • Jim Shpall Owner, Applejack Liquors
  • Steve Hoch, Phd. Professor, Wharton Business School
  • Carol Stoudt Founder, Stoudt Brewing Company
  • Garrett Oliver Brewer, Brooklyn Brewery
  • John Bryant Vice President, Odell Brewing
  • John Serbia Vice President, Brewing, Anheuser-Busch
  • Marc Sorini Attorney, McDermott Will & Emory
  • Simon Bergson Owner, Manhattan Beer Company
  • Chris O’Brien Author, “Fermenting Revolution”
  • Roberta Baskin Center for Public Integrity
  • Peter DeFazio Congressman (D-Oregon)
  • George Hacker Center for Science in the Public Interest