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Seasonal Beer Database

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The Brewer’s Association has created a database of seasonal beers that you can search by state availability. Very useful for finding what’s available in your area and discovering new seasonals to try.

Banner Foam

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Krausen as it bubbles while rising and falling in real time.

Something Went Wrong!

You may look at the banner image on this blog and think it is a close up of the head on a freshly pulled pint. It is not. Instead it is the krausen formed on top of beer as it ferments. Brewers know these krausens come in all shapes and behaviors, but this yeast strain made a particularly attractive foamy head.


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Intown – Where It All Began
where it all began

I suppose the proper place to start is the beginning. I was in college, living in a townhouse with 4 other guys. For the past half-decade or so I had been dumping spare change into a gallon gatorade jug and using it as a doorstop. I counted it out at $300 and decided to use the “found” money as start-up funds for a new hobby. Homebrewing won out for obvious reasons: it meant we got to drink more beer, just for the sake of drinking more beer, ain’t college great? My housemate had a 3 gallon chili pot in which he had never made chili but was kind enough to let me borrow as a brew kettle. This made my $300 go even further and for on the order of $100 I had a very basic starter kit and two ingredient kits. One quick piece of advice, when first starting out get two ingredient kits. Either you make a big mistake on the first one and need the backup, or you are able to ferment the second batch while the first is carbonating giving you double the stock if you plan properly for the inaugural party.

Lorem Ipsum

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freshly poured brown ale

freshly poured brown ale